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Touhou Genso Wanderer

I got this game on September 2 and it's the only Touhou game I played. It is a roguelike game a genre I never heard and touched before. I have been playing this a lot lately trying to get the platinum trophy which will be a my second one ahd experiencing the roguelike gameplay. This game is an English version of the old one called Fushigi no Gensoukyou 3. At first I was really enjoying this game seeing my weapon and armor level up and change forms as they grow while playing the first and second story dungeons. But when I got to the Bunnyland in the moon and beat the third boss, I startled to see so many dungeons where I can't bring my own items. You have to enter the dungeon empty handed and use whatever the dungeon gives you. Unidentified items is suppose to be a staple of this genre which I didn't know and it annoyed me not knowing what the items does at first

You will start to feel like you're spending more time not using your own items. The difficulty becomes insane as you die from many cheap attack especially from those giant enemies. Some of them are overpowered like Tenshi because her giant form can hit you from anywhere. (I don't know what they were thinking) The only reason I managed to get through most of the Bunnyland dungeon is because when you die you can't exit out the game and reboot it so you restart the floor you were on instead of starting over. I can't imagine anyone beating this game without that.
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