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I've got a few questions for you!
1: Is the Manga still running
2: I'm guessing the Season 2 dream is dead.. (Why do animes always only do 25 episodes anyway..)
3: Is this place still alive?
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Konata Fan
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1.Still running,according to:
Though has been stopped for a while

2.I don't think there's much possibility for season 2
For the reasons:
a. The end part of anime was great.
b. The voice actors may not be able to perform as they did 10 years ago.Also,the voice actor of Konata, Hirano Aya met some embarrassing problems.
c. It seems that Kyo-Ani(Anime produce) doesn't cooperate much with Kadokawa(Publisher) now.
d. The characters have grown up.

3. Alive,though not much active.

Animes are not always 25 episodes,actually,we have got more 13 episode ones than 25.
Producing animes costs great amount of money,if it doesn't sell well,the investors would lose much money.
Lower the risk.

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