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Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
Kavanaugh got appointed, its all over, yippie.
An expected result, let's be fair. This was expected to be a slam dunk and it's more surprising than anything else that things got so hairy that there was reason to suggest he wouldn't get in.

Though I'd hesitate to say "it's all over". Justice John Roberts (one of the most conservative voices on the USA's Supreme Court) has forwarded the complaints against Kavanaugh to the 10th circuit court.

That is, they are still investigating the claims against Kavanaugh. (Sample link: )

Why this matters: The FBI has publicly stated that their investigation was limited (despite assurances by Trump that they were not). As such, we know next to nothing still.

I suspect that if it is found that he lied and lied badly about anything, he would be impeached and removed by Congress (and before one asks, yes impeachment can occur to any appointed member of office in the same process that would occur for a President). This is because, in the words of the Judge recommending this move, "the exceptional circumstance [...] may weaken public confidence in the process".

Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
But I heard another judge may be retiring. So for the liberals who can't keep their mouths shut, you got a round 2 coming up in the future. takin all bets now!
I don't know of any Judge expected to retire. However, by age, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is old as dirt (85 years old) and it's very possible (~19%) that she passes away in the next two years.

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