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Super Mario Bros. Z (2016 Reboot)

Super Mario Bros. Z is a 2016 Flash animation series by Mark Haynes (aka Alvin-Earthworm), rebooting the story of his 2006 Flash animation series of the same name. It's a crossover between the Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog franchises with action scenes and story elements inspired by Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z. Episode 1 (linked above) was released on January 8th.

The fact that this series is back at all is a miracle, but the fact that it's also so much more improved is further amazing. This is one hell of a good episode, perfect for both longtime fans and new viewers to jump in. I've waited this long for more, so I'm willing to let Mark take his time now, lol.
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Just checked the first episode out.

The action scenes definitely delivered and the animation in general shows improvement over the original series, which in and of itself was also really good in that department.
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I would easily say that Cape Feather Mario vs. Bowser was my favorite fight in this episode, right after Bowser loses his metal form; The rapid-fire fisticuffs and badass air manuevers between the two sealed the deal for me.

Also, the Dancing Banana cameo was amusing (Skip to 12:41 if you didn't catch it). I don't remember the last time I've heard about that meme.

I'm ready for more, though I do also accept the fact that Alvin will most likely need to take a breather after this episode.

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I just found this and gotta toss in my 2 cents. I recall both the old Sonic show and the Mario Bros live action movie. The sonic show was okay, nothing to rewatch, while the mario movie was arguably one of the worst movies ever made on every plane, acting, relevance, production values, it sits below sharknado. The fact that this was made is, as you said, short of a miracle. The fact that there was a reboot of any Mario related movie I would think would be a tough sell to anyone who remembers the old movie (or that Wizard movie where Mario 3 was released....anyone?)

Given how trendy it is nowadays to remake movies rather than think up anything, and given the steady growth of Mario as a brand (opposed to some games) im actually surprised we don't see another Mario Bros. movie coming out mainstream. There's definatly enough people now who know who he is (even my parents who never read any comics have heard of Mario) so...I mean keep your eyes open.
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