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i've not changed my desktop wallpaper since last post, but here's my lock screen~
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Kid Charlemagne
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Mom bought herself a new desktop PC, so I now have the older of my two viable laptops (Miyuki) back. I had lent it to her because her old desktop PC (Windows XP) is running on its last legs.

(I have one functional laptop older than Miyuki, but it is just barely functional.)

Meanwhile, the housing of my newer laptop (Chikaru) is beginning to come apart near the left hinge, so now I only open it to turn it on, and I have it hooked up to a 1280 x 1024 monitor, and I use a detached keyboard and a plugged-in mouse.

When I need a truly portable PC, Miyuki can still serve in that role.

The monitor makes some of my old favorite wallpapers look different. I downloaded a copy of my old favorite Lucky Star miko pic, sized to fit the monitor properly. Here is the result.

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A clean copy can be downloaded in many sizes at the link below:

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