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Graphic Requests?

Here, anyone can feel free to request graphics that everyone is welcome to do! Just provide some information and we'll all try our best! <3

Graphics Request:

Note: You don't have to use this form, but it's more organized and easier for me to get through requests. ^^

Spoiler: show
HTML Code:
[B]Other:[/B] [I](Default Sigs are 500x150 (lengthxwidth) 
Sizes go here as well as images, if any.)[/I]

Spoiler: show
HTML Code:
[B]Other:[/B] [I](Default avatars are 150x150. 
Sizes go here, as well as images, if any.)[/I]

Wallpapers (Only from June 20th to September 5th!)
Spoiler: show
Other: (Desktop size goes here! 
If you don't give me a size, I can't help you!
Images or preferences go here also.)

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