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Location : The Megurine Luka HQ
Normal - Arceus
Fire - Darmanitan
Fighting - Chesnaught
Water - Samurott
Flying - Yveltal
Grass - Gourgeist
Poison - Dragalge
Electric - Rotom
Ground - Krookodile
Psychic - Sigilyph
Rock - Carracosta
Ice - Kyurem
Bug - Galvantula
Dragon - Reshiram
Ghost - Giratina
Dark - Hydreigon
Steel - Dialga
Fairy - Carbink
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Old 01-02-2018, 02:01 PM   #12
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Location : Scotland, Earth

I've grown more attached to Alola since I did this so I'd probably put Rockruff or Lycanroc Dusk Form as my favourite Rock type and Ribombee as my favourite Bug type now.
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