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Thane of Cawdor
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No, but maybe we should think of a way to segregate people based on decisions they made. Like if you put law offenders into a building away from the general public, now how would we do that...

But I think that nearly 2 centuries is a long enough experiment, I say we split america into the union and confederacy again. But we do it based on politics, ie how we want to tell others how to live. we split the country like with super liberal places like california and NYC into one country and the south and utah and stuff into another. thus capitalists like me can live the good ol days and be done with people who always seem to have a retort for everything like you :P the union can merge with canada, the confederacy will...probably take over or buy mexico.

Times like this I miss school. I mean I'm in it now, just not taking classes this semester. I liked being the class clown, also Im at the point where I get to voice my opinion as I'm older and more knowledgable than everyone else. It's fun to be right every once in a while. Or rather just not be 'wrong'.

Bark bark bark, rabble rabble rabble, time for bed.

I think trump is gonna end DACA. I understand why people are upset, but the logical part of me knows these dreamers never should have been left here in the first place and were brought here through illegal means. If obama wanted to give them amnesty, he should have given them amnesty. Come to think of it, George W Bush did somethin like that too. So who didn't get their crap together? This shoulda been fixed 10 years ago. In my eyes, this comes down to feudal shit. If these people wanna stay here bad enough if they are willing to fight hard enough, ie the winners write history. Let's watch.

I'm not anti immigration, but I did help get this asshole deported. He was a friend of mine once, a crappy one, who turned into a jackass, badmouthed america constantly and eventually became a drug dealer. So a guy I knew phoned up to have Trump kick his felon ass out of America back to Canada which he loved so much. There's more to it than this, but I'm glad this one punk didn't get amnesty (though he did actually have the chance and didn't file any paperwork, might have saved him if he listened to be back in the day when I told him to). I know in Canada you guys have a merit based system of immigrants, Trump is working to do something similar, so what do you think? You guys let in skilled people and kick out the drug dealers, is it smart for America to do the same?

p.s. everything we put online IS monitored. I could bring up a relative and clever comparison but I can't as this forum isn't public internet either, hint hint.

progressive also means expensive. think about it.

Time for yuri.

p.s. like trump 90% of this is just to piss off the media and I'll forget half of it romorrow, so I'll reply to your reply when I remember it. Also I know you love debating, this should give ya some fodder kirant.
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