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Old 11-12-2012, 02:10 AM   #11
Facetious Troll Mod
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Location : Sugar candy mountain~
Spoiler: show
"cut her up is plan C!"

Oh god Mashiro is so awesome.
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Old 11-14-2012, 02:28 AM   #12
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Location : Scotland, Earth
episode 6 was splendid
Spoiler: show
Sorata slept in the laundry room
Aoyama's nodding off at her acting class :I
how can Misaki get Jin to ask her out?
burying your face in a cat solves all your problems~
Aoyama's stumbling about, she has such a fever :o
Mashiro wants her to go to the audition, she's worked so hard
Mashiro's manga is in the magazine :D
she apparently didn't do well :I
Sorata knows she did her best
Mashiro held her hand all night :3
is that a whole chicken stuffed with rice!? :P
Sorata is back on Mashiro duty~
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Old 11-14-2012, 03:13 AM   #13
Facetious Troll Mod
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Location : Sugar candy mountain~
Tell me I'm not the only one who was freaked out by the chicken.
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Old 11-21-2012, 03:30 AM   #14
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Location : Scotland, Earth
best episode so far, 7 was~
Spoiler: show
loli imouto pantsu~
good job, banana peel :3
deflating is the best way to express shock.
oh god dat puppet show XD
Yuuko misunderstands so many things, even more than Aoyama does :D
Misaki's learning to drive, oh golly
loliconning, verb: to be a lolicon.
the bath broke.
best scene transition ever!
it's time... for dinner~
rice is best face-decoration
yuri in the bath house :D
nice aim :3
Yuuko's so flat, but she'll grow~
tis a date!
the ABC plan.
No cutting!
haha reference to episode 5
Mashiro and Yuuko are lost :O
Mashiro stole a candy-apple from the odd-looking guy :O
they were found pretty easily, usually when a character goes missing in anime they're looking all day, then in the end they're found at the place where a great memory was made, or something~
Sorata must pay him
Sorata is special to Aoyama :3
oh snap how did Misaki pass her driving test!?
no one is safe on the roads.
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Old 11-21-2012, 05:44 AM   #15
Facetious Troll Mod
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Location : Sugar candy mountain~
Picking rice off the cheek is really cliche. I mean, in real life we'd just inform someone they have something on their face.
Why does Japan have some kind of thing for siblings?
I need to really pass my driving test as well.
Cutting yandere Mashiro would be awesome.

VK and I discussed food this episode. Every conversation we have is non sequitor and seinfelden.
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Old 03-08-2013, 10:30 PM   #16
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Location : Scotland, Earth
8 was fancy shmancy :3
Spoiler: show
Aoyama has glasses, Misaki must assault her~
Mashiro has old fashioned bloomers :D
they're hanging up in Sorata's room.
Sorata passed, then he failed :I
Mashiro succeeded
why is it okay to see swimsuits but not underwear?
so much underboob :o
security guard :O
Sorata is in a good position :3
they're enjoying themselves now
"Enjoying your youth!? you won't get away with this!"
Aoyama forgot her underwear :D
she thinks she understands what love is, Mashiro's all like :o

episode 9 yay~
Spoiler: show
Mashiro and Misaki are best vandals
that anime sounds awesome, it should totally get made as a spinoff~
Mashiro's friend from England appeared
she wants to take her away :O
yet another girl going after Sorata :I
Akasaka finally emerged from his room, he has such long hair :O
tomatoes are the superior fruit.
stupid Sorata
Sakurasou will work together for the school festival :3
Sorata has a great idea for a story-driven game~
if the guy you like goes on a date against his will, be sure to follow
ooh an art gallery :P
Mashiro drew Zora's Domain
they're acting like it's up to them to decide whether Mashiro stays in Japan or returns to England, it's Mashiro's choice, her friends need to respect her wishes >:I

10, a good episode~
Spoiler: show
they'll never finish the project on time :O
recruit Rita!
nope, she gave up art
Jin and the student council president don't get along :I
poor Rita, she grew to hate art because of being compared to Mashiro :/
Akasaka's so blunt, he's cool :D
aww Mashiro has fun painting with Rita
problem solved, she'll help with Nyaboron :D
she still thinks Mashiro should quit manga, but she'll drop the subject until after the festival :P
haha Akasaka can't stand women XD

episode 11~~~~
Spoiler: show
mmmmm choco-banana's are delicious, i haven't had one in ages :3
Mashiro believes in panties.
Rita defeated Maid-chan :O
Aoyama's naked, yay
Sorata blocked her attack! i don't think i've ever seen someone do that before :D
Rita was on the phone to Mashiro's dad :I
Jin's ex-girlfriend is Misaki's big sister
love conquers all
Akasaka's in a maid outfit
tis the golden Kinect!
Sorata has had an epiphany
add passion to Nyaboron!
Mashiro's cute :3

edit: hooray, i finally caught up :D
episode 12-18 were great~
Spoiler: show
Nyaboron was a great success
Rita's in love with Ryuunosuke
Mashiro has discovered her feelings for Sorata
Sorata passed the interview stage of the game design competition :P
Nanami made it to her audition, the results will be released soon
Jin made it in to the Osaka art college
Jin and Sorata are fighting :O
Misaki appears
Jin isn't ready yet, but in 4 years he'll return from Osaka with the ability to stand on par with Misaki :3
he pretty much proposed to her :D
Sakurasou will be demolished at the end of this school year!? :O

19 was wonderful
Spoiler: show
the board didn't give a reason for why they're demolishing Sakurasou :I
flashback to Sorata's first day at Sakurasou :3
Misaki has so many nicknames for him :P
Akasaka is a good-luck fairy~
he took back another cat
noodle cannon!
you want to have a bath? not if i go in first!
present day, they're reminiscing about Sakurasou
Akasaka will hack into the school servers to find out why they're demolishing their home >:3

i forgot to chatter about episode 20, but it was good

episode 21. EPISODE 21!
oh my god this episode ;_;
Spoiler: show
Nanami's crying in class :(
Sorata lost in the final round to a Vocaloid game >:I
Nanami is standing outside in the rain
she worked so hard for the last 2 years for nothing
Sorata embraces her ^_^
i'd like to once again point out that Nanami is best girl
holy crap J.C.Staff, that's REALLY well animated rain :O
the best i've ever seen
stay with her until she sleeps
Sorata fell asleep too
he slept through the final signature hunt :O
they didn't get nearly enough :(
Mashiro was invited to become an artist for videogames by the company Sorata was designing for
that's really just rubbing salt in the wound :/
Mashiro packed a bag and left Sakurasou :o
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Old 03-09-2013, 12:42 AM   #17
The Gearhead
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It's a shame this show isn't more popular.

But yes, episode 21, MY FEELS :(

Fave Anime: Bakemonogatari. Evangelion. Gurren Lagann. Madoka. Mitsudomoe. Nichijou. School Rumble. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.

Fave Manga: Love Hina. Negima Neo. Yotsuba&. Yumekui Merry.
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Old 04-12-2013, 03:35 AM   #18
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Location : Scotland, Earth
^ agreed, it was definitely one of the best of the previous 2 seasons~
it's a welcome change to see that even in anime, hard work doesn't always pay off :/
i wasn't expecting this show to be so hard on the feels
Spoiler: show
Sorata confessed his love to Mashiro
they took over the graduation ceremony to get the students on their side :O
Sakurasou is saved :D
Nanami won't give up, she'll convince her parents to let her stay
Rita kissed Akasaka :P
Jin actually filled out the marriage registration form Misaki gave him a while ago :3
they'll get married when Jin returns from Osaka
Mashiro wants to kiss Sorata
freshmen are moving into Sakurasou
haha Nanami wants blood
Yuuko wasn't number 99 at all, she was 66, she got into Sui High :D
Misaki moved into the house next door, she submitted the marriage documents without Jin, they're married and he might not even know it yet :D
all is well :3

it was a great series :3
fun fact: the anime was based on the first 6 volumes of the light novel, there are currently 10 volumes~
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