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Old 10-02-2015, 06:34 PM   #3111
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Spoiler: show

Twilight once again gets annoyed at not being on a quest.

The Psychiatrist Is IN.

Hey, those cabs looks very awkward on the road like that, sometimes their viewpoints do not correspond to the direction of the road. Why couldn't they render and animate them in 3D, like how they did to the train in the season premiere?

... yeah actually it's PRETTY MUCH JUST LIKE walking across a street in a crowd in Manhattan! Rarity has a point! You gotta be assertive and fast!

The Return Of Applebrow.


Shakespeare In The Park.

Rarity, you don't talk to the vender about this. You talk to the PUBLISHER.

A ton of wonderful new backgrounds in this episode.

... I sure hope they CLOSED THAT STREET!

K now THAT'S the kind of crowd you see in Manhattan all the time!

Now Applejack has a hat paid for by Rarity! Awwwww.

What makes me think the next episode will focus on the Sisterhooves Social? :D


October 2nd
I am a fan of the dub. It was the dub that introduced me to Lucky Star, and is great. Just to let you members know this beforehand.
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I'm gonna binge watch the eps I missed this sunday. I can't wait
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Old 10-23-2015, 04:39 PM   #3113
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Sorry guys I have a friend staying over all weekend and it's been throwing off my entire schedule. I only got to see Brotherhooves Social just now. I'll just say it's surprisingly one of the best episodes of the season, helped with that epicly-beautiful and touching ending! Plus we finally have A BIG MAC EPISODE!!! This is definitely Peter News' favorite!


THis week's ep: Crusaders Of The Lost Mark

...... what an episode it was. ;) Hee heeeheheheheheheee!!!!

Spoiler: show

Yikes! Only 20 seconds in and we already have a song!? I'm not really starting to like the episodes that are ONLY about them finding their Cutie Marks.
Pip is back! Glad to see him in an episode other than the Halloween one.
Oh God not Tiara again. Ugh. How come SHE'S the only antagonist in these CMC episodes?? Hasn't she learned enough friendship lessons by now?
… hold on! Another song?? And it's like 3 minutes! I guess it's good to get all the songs out now so we have have the REST of this episode in complete PROSE and obviously NOTHING else!
Yikes that pony's got huge extensions.
… she was off by one vote? What the hell kind of kids are these? Was that long song not good enough to convince them enough?
Not another song not another song not another song…. OH THANK GOD!
So this is her mother. Nice to see a new character!
Oh what's Fancy Pants doing in Ponyville?
And what's the deal with making Tiara sympathetic?? She's been painted in an irredeemable light for 4.5 seasons and only NOW are we getting some development??
I bet Tiara's Cutie Mark was put there by force.
Money's an issue in this problem too.
I would be more lenient on this musical if it had SOME REASON to be a musical! I thought they only save those for really notable, important episodes like a season finale!
Gasp! Nooooo friends??? In Equestria, that's like….. A CRIME!
Tiara is their friend now. Huh.
"Now, can you please deliver this letter that I wrote in a nano-second right just now?"
And thus, the CMC version of the Elements Of Friendship is born!

…. oh. This …. IS … a special episode. ……… would've been nice if you told us this BEFORE-hand!


Oh, Applejack so touched beyond belief!! And so is everyone else!
…oh my god. This ending totally reversed my initial impressions! I am clapping for real!
Callback to the opening!


October 16th


October 23rd
I am a fan of the dub. It was the dub that introduced me to Lucky Star, and is great. Just to let you members know this beforehand.
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Old 12-04-2015, 09:38 PM   #3114
Kid Charlemagne
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Here ya go, Mi-chan.

Spoiler: show

The data is somewhat dated now, but I still enjoy this pic.
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Old 12-05-2015, 02:56 AM   #3115
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Spoiler: show

Christmas so soon! it's October! Was the scheduling made by a Walmart employee!?
I want those craft-made Twilight and Spike dolls.
The odd thing? They're still airing The Scare Master on Halloween!
Yay more CGI train!
"Let me repeat the last Heartswarming Eve episode, only here it's more interesting because I'm using candy!"
the Pie and Apples sure have a ton in common!
Yes! They made them consistent with their past appearances!
Marble Pie is so adorable! Awww I wanna hug her! She's like a Pinkie Fluttershy!
Lyme Pie is kickass!
Maybe they're edible rocks.
Oooh they get to carve dolls! That looks like fun actually.
Team Old. :D :D
Mac x Marble ship!
"We have a lot in common when it comes to turning into things."
Uh oh. Applejack, you know deep down that this is THEIR way to celebrate! Why did you ruin it!?
lol Applebloom goes for the presents and then wilts when it upsets the family.
"Raise this rock, raise this rock, 1 2 3 4…"
They're leaving!? They threw them out! GOD!!! Arg I hope they fix things. Applejack and Pinkie are practically family!
Wow. Probably something Granny should've shared with them BEFORE they left.
…. does that boulder look like a … giant egg?
Maude will now share a poem about rocks. …. THEY'RE ALL ABOUT ROCKS...

The Scaremaster
This was leaked weeks before today, and I already listed my reaction to it.

What About Discord?
Spoiler: show

I look forward more toward the back massage myself.
Uh oh! Massive duel blast incoming!
….. why is Discord imitating and being all chummy with Rainbow Dash?
AHHHH Discord got the jokes! Yuk yuk yuk!
… everyone seems much closer to Discord after that 3 days Twilight was MIA.
Twi puzzled = me back online after a trip over the weekend and determining what exactly went down that I missed that got everyone so hyped.
Wow I am GENUINELY curious as to what happened!
:D I love Obsessed Twilight. Tara brings such an entertaining crazy voice in those moments.
LOVE the animation here! LD
NO! NO TIME TRAVEL! Not this weekend!
Yay! A reenactment!
I am also enjoying these Back To The Future references.
…… whhhat? The factor that made them enjoy their weekend with Discord so much was ……. Twilight not being there?? >: That isn't a very nice thing to say.
I RELATE to Twi so much. Sometimes I feel like I don't know enough information to enjoy something, and no one gives me a clear answer!
Zecora is back!
A spell. …. that IS a possibility. But I bet that's too predictable…
"No glowing tushies here!" :D :D Love that line.
My goodness guys just give her a straight explanation!
Aww Twi. She's suffering!
>: I guess she is a little jealous.
….. Discord convinced them not to invite Twilight??? Dick.
Oh that's a LIE. :D
….. that's all well and good……. BUT WHAT HAPPENED THAT WEEKEND!?!
I don't think that's the point.

The Hooffields And McColts
Spoiler: show

Gasp! It's Fluttershy's turn to go on a friendship quest! :O :3 :3 :3
And Twilight finally gets to go too! SHE'S SO EXCITED!!
Is it me or are we seeing more Nerd Twilight this season than usual?
Oh god please let this not be the canyon episode from Avatar: The Last Air-Bender!
Twilight, you are an insufferable balloon traveling partner.
New characters! ….. and they're hicks!
Ooooooh it's a play on that infamous Southern feud whose names I can't place at the moment!
lol Big Daddy McColt is pint-sized.
Why didn't they bring Applejack? Who knows! One of em might be her relative!
So just build a new wheel! Don't know about farming? Read a book on it! Like the thing TWILIGHT HAS!
Just as I thought, the McColts dun know how to properly prepare food.
I'm rather interested to know how all this feuding went down. How did they destroy the entire valley?
Imagine how this feud would be if they both discovered industrial warfare!
Neither side remembers what started the fight! My God, this IS the canyon episode of Avatar: The Last Air-Bender! :(
An apology cake is a good idea!
Oh look. THEY DO have industrial warfare.
Trojan horse. Of course of course.
Here's an idea. Why not catch Hooffield's food and use that to eat! And the McColt's stuff could be used to build good houses! Oh my god I predicted how to resolve this.
Some great slapstick animation here though.
Twi has another breakdown.
Oh so we ARE going to find out what happened.
Building shelter and planting are both equally important!
They threw away their hats only to get them back on the next shot?
But they're more of them there now! … how did they breed and have sex?? They were the only ones of their kind there in that valley. I suppose they each invited relatives. ……….. resulting in inbreeding.
Hahaha they're frozen hugging each other. :3 :3
Nice statue. :D
"Not pumpkins." :D

The Mane Attraction
Spoiler: show

Applejack has a concert?
Woah! This Countess is a huge deal!
You can't accuse Applejack of not hearing about her. She lives on a farm, she may not be as in touch with media as you all are.
That is one mouthful of a name!
A summer camp! Now I wanna see the CMC at a camp.
… HOLY COW she is singing BEAUTIFULLY! :O
…… the……. heck. What the hell happened to her!?
"Hoovies! Hoovies! Hoovies!" :D
Oh I love the flamboyant manager. … what makes me think he's the real antagonist in this episode?
I also love how Pinkie Pie has such a strong role this week! You can't ever have enough Pinkie!
Hahaha Fernando Straw!
… oh god she does THIS kind of pop music. *_* Though I think it's supposed to be kind of obnoxious on purpose.
Haha nice way to Autotune a voice, Magic-Style!
… I don't think the Countess' show is exactly kid-friendly material.
Wow can this villain can be ANY more obvious!?
Man the backgrounds are an improvement than seasons ago!
Yikes! Falling-out! ;_;
AJ has a plan! AJ never gives up! AJ finds a way!
I'm glad they put aside their argument.
Spin Gallop? Wonderful! I finally have a name to put on the death audit.
The veil is SYMBOLIC! :D
Hahaha! I love Rara in her true personality.
"Rara, the point is to be yourself…… under make-up, glitter, and eye-liner!"
Oh god this is gonna be a tear-jerker isn't it?
I can't speak….
Aw yeah! She totally brought the CMC up!!
I am a fan of the dub. It was the dub that introduced me to Lucky Star, and is great. Just to let you members know this beforehand.
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Old 12-17-2015, 04:41 AM   #3116
Kid Charlemagne
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Actually, I do know what I'm derping. I'm giving Misao room to post here again.
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Old 12-17-2015, 04:45 AM   #3117
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Thanks! :3 Now I can finally post my reactions to the last 2 episodes, the season finale, and I can be FREEEEEEEE!!!!!! For the record, if you didn't know, apparently this forum has a word limit per post. That's why even when posting my previous reactions, I had no more room for my last 2 reactions and had to wait longer.

Part I
Spoiler: show

Twi is Best Alma Mater. … even when just practicing.
Is anyone else getting a bit annoyed that "compulsive-obsessive student" is Twilight's default personality and the source of all her character moments? It's getting very repetitive after 5 seasons.
Yikes, the stream crapped out. .. Okay Twi did the the thing, Starlight was in the audience, she snuck into the table room okay.
Nooo! She did something to the magic…. somehow.
Spike you idiot!
This looks like a job for Doctor Hooves!
… so remember when Twi said "time travel is too bothersome" in What About Discord? :D ;)
So Twi winds up messing up all of her friends' destinies and then she has to go back and make amends later. … oh sorry, Starlight does that.
… if there was never a 6 Elements, why is the table still there? And the map? It's probably part of the time travel thingie.
My goodness the dialogue can't be more stilted. … I really like the color tint though!
"Why of course, complete stranger, I'll tell you everything I know about put trust in you after a few seconds of meeting you."s.
I'm sorry but that fight is just too CUTE to take seriously.
… so King Sombra is the other villain now?? He's the least interesting character! Why make this story a war against one of the most forgettable villains ever??
How did Starlight figure out how to do all this magic? Isn't time travel so rare that only select officials can use it? She is some kind of genius on magic spells or something? I don't think that was established.
Starlight's going to playing with Twilight's mind now. :D
Twilight is meeting the past versions of her friends, so I suppose this type of time travel doesn't have consequences for that.
Adult-child bad touch! :D
Now they're …. back in the future? What time period? … or… what alternate timeline?!

Part II
Spoiler: show

.. why would the ponies side with Zecora in this future? She showed no hint before that she has any skill to lead.
Twi's apparently new to the Butterfly Effect.
Oh Applejack's a changling!
…. so … hold on. Sombra's no longer in control in this timeline? Is he still? Why are the Changlings in charge now? So what was the point of going to the FIRST trip in the first place?
I like seeing The Queen again since Season 2!
Okay now they're back-WHAT IS THE POINT OF GOING BACK AND FORTH TO DIFFERENT TIMELINES??? With all this time hopping, we never get any explanation for why these present timelines wind up the way they are!
Can… the pegasi see what they're fighting about? Can they even see them at all?
..oh they CAN. I hope they don't get arrested by the Cloudsdale police.
Oh so now it's the Timberwolves' turn. CGI and all. I hope we see Discord in one of these timelines.
So now Luna is in charge.
Tirek. Okay they're just showcasing all the set pieces established in the show before. Ugh.
Finally, a time travel trip that pushes this story forward.
So Starlight finally comes clean and tells Twi her back story. Sunburst looks like a good character.
… so all this for a petty grudge?
I do like that this wasn't a musical, but I still didn't like this finale. Too little Discord, too much awkward dialogue, the story wasn't paced well, and no explanation for how Starlight could ever do all that magic!
"Teach you what I learned??" Twi, Starlight is MORE powerful than you! She knows how to control time travel! You can't!
Oh. A MUSICAL all of a sudden!? God...
I am a fan of the dub. It was the dub that introduced me to Lucky Star, and is great. Just to let you members know this beforehand.
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Old 01-22-2016, 02:48 AM   #3118
Kid Charlemagne
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Humanized Dashie and Fluttershy, revisiting a trope from a few years back.
Spoiler: show
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Old 01-29-2016, 06:12 AM   #3119
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There is news that MLP Season 6 is gonna start in the Spring! This makes this the shortest break between seasons so far!
I am a fan of the dub. It was the dub that introduced me to Lucky Star, and is great. Just to let you members know this beforehand.
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Old 01-29-2016, 12:10 PM   #3120
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Well shit. I gotta catch up then
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