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Old 09-27-2015, 05:09 PM   #1
Kotana Fan
Chinese Lucky Star lover
bilibili douga from China

Notice: I am not a worker from that website, I am just a normal user.
I post this for advice people to enjoy videos there, not for a business purpose.
If I break the forums rule, please PM or just reply me, I will edit it soon, but I didn't found a rule for ban an advise.

bilibili douga, a China video website, focus on video about ACG(Anime, Comics and games)
It supplies "danmuku" function like niconico douga. On the same time, there is a lot of videos about culture,technology and musics… so much kinds of video,I can't even tell you how much kinds of video in it, but NO adult videos.

Here is the link,

I heard that bilibili doesn't provide service to foreign users.
But I still want you to have a try.

This is Lucky Star 1080P BDrip Japanese voiced Chinese subbed.
This is Lucky Star music collection.

I want people from the other countries try to watch this two videos, they are all available for me.(I am in China)

If it's not available for you, and you have a VPN, try to use the VPN and see whether it's available.

There's a lot of animes there, nearly most are 720P or 1080P, I think it will be a useful website for you if you can use it. Sure, nearly most of them are Chinese subbed, but you can download it and download a more ASS file.

The website is in Chinese, so if you cant understand what is written there, send me a screen shot and I will tell you. If you want to find a anime there, but you don't know it's Chinese name, send me the English name and I will try to find it and then send you a link.
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Junior Member
xUncleOwenx's Avatar
The videos work here in the U.S. I don't understand a lick of chinese though
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Old 09-27-2015, 09:17 PM   #3
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Location : Scotland, Earth
Yep, the video works. No chance of me using it though, everything it does is also available in English. Using this site would just be unnecessary hassle.
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