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Kid Charlemagne
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Originally Posted by Spritejunkee View Post
Holy crap they're makin' a movie about this!
No I don't think it's true, but as a former conspiracy theorist I've gotta admit that it would be interesting wouldn't it?

Just imagine it, some rich guys go to Antarctica to cross something off of their bucket list and then one of them ends up finding a hatch leading to a secret underground nazi base.

Then the nazi's are all like "We've been found out!" and they hold the rich guys hostage and leave their base for the first time in 70 years. They try to start another war but then they realize too late that they're weaponry hasn't advanced enough so they end up defeated within a month.

Then the rich guys write a book about their experience in the secret nazi base and make millions.
The Ratzis tried to clone an army of super-soldiers to conquer the Earth, but something Went Horribly Wrong...
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I was almost completely sober when i wrote this, so not sure why y'all hating? Either way if i dont find nazis down there imma claim it for the Kingdom.
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