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Canada 150 Logo contest, good or bad idea to enter?

So there's this contest from the Government of Canada for Canadian post-secondary students to create a logo for the country's 150th Anniversary. The winner gets $5000 and to a part of Canadian history.

However, designers began protesting that the contest is immoral to create an "exploitive" contest where designers are not paid for their time and effort to give their entries for the contest, as well as disrespecting designers as expendable.

I'm really on the fence here, on one hand, a few fellow students I know believe the contest to be immoral while others believe that the veteran designers are simply whining because they are not allowed to enter or students bandwagon on the hate in order for less competition to enter the contest. What do you guys think?

Here's the contest's link:
And here's the article link to the protests:
Spoiler: show

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Flaming Penguins
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I think it's absolutely ridiculous to protest this. How else would they propose it be done? Should every person submitting be paid? Of course not. Should they only hire one designer and pay them? They could, but that defeats the whole point.
Furthermore, no one is being forced to enter. If you don't think your time and effort is worth gambling on this, spend it elsewhere. Honestly, while I don't mean to discredit the work of designers at all, for something like this I'm surprised they're even offering as much as $5000. I mean, it's not like the winner won't be paid, which discredits the point about designers being expendable or exploited.

The only legitimate complaint I can conceive of would be if they placed licensing restrictions on non-winning entries after the contest. Admittedly, I haven't read the articles or anything past this post (no time, I'm supposed to be packing right now), but I assume this isn't the case.

All in all, I think the contest is a great idea and I'm glad they've opened it up to people like this.

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I'm not sure I understand the protest either. Really, any design contest has the exact same flaws. Few agree with the protest if I judge from the comments (which is admittedly a terrible idea).

Like FP says, I think the only real reason I could see for complaint would be if they they also started acquiring the rights to non-winning entries who did not get paid at all.

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