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[FANFIC] Unlucky Black Holes (Puella Magi Witch forms for the Lucky Star girls.)

A series of descriptions of what each of the Lucky Star girls would be like as Witches in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Contacted the author four months ago with some ideas I had, but he never got back to me, and the fic itself seems dead.

From there, I'm thinking of continuing the fic separately myself, so if anyone would like to brainstorm what the rest of the girls would be like, here are my (incomplete) ideas to start with:

Konata's Witch: Could be known as the Brigade Witch, as she did write "Brigade Leader" as one of her career choices early in episode 17. Her nature could be Sloth, being directly antithetical to a leader. Her Familiars could be clones of Kagami, and their duty could be to provide homework to copy from.

Kou's Witch: Could be known as the Fighting Witch, and her form could be based on an arcade machine. Her nature could be Challenge (despite being already taken by Nanako's Witch form). Her barrier could be some kind of arcade. Her familiars could be based on Ryu and Ken (known possibly as Ryan and Kenneth), and their duty might be to challenge those who enter her barrier.

Again, these ideas of mine aren't complete, but they are more than nothing. If anyone can think anything up for more obscure characters like Tamaki, Miku, and Yamato, that would be especially great, if mainly for completion.

Worth also mentioning, is this post on Tumblr, which describes how to create both Magical Girls and Witches in general. It does say at some point that Witches are a conglomerate of themes, personality, results from their wish, desires, flaws, and other factors. (That means that there would likely be more to each character's Witch forms and everything related than what's specified in that fic, should any of them make it into an actual story.)

And finally, just because I tend to imagine each entry as an actual stage and boss whenever I read it, here is a sample of the Madoka fangame Grief Syndrome:

Without further ado, let's hear your ideas!
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