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Die strijders in het veld
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Nazi Australia

Hello everyone!

Some of you may remember a thread I made a few years ago about nazis living on Antarctica.

Unfortunately, I was never able to make the trip, because my high school counsellor thought that professional nazi hunter 'isnt a realistic future prospect', whatever that means lol. So for the past years i have been a professional lottery winner instead. Cant say thats been working out tho.

It was this new years eve, when i found out i didnt win the big jackpot on the lottery, that i decided to re-ignite my old passion. This passion inside of me started to burn again around Christmas. I was just chilling out with the family and watching classic xmas movies such as: a chistmas carol, home alone, and Benito Mussolini: The Untold Story. I dont know about you guys, but i completely symphatised with Kevin when he became the hunter instead of the huntee.

So here i am, organizing a new nazi expedition to a small country known as 'Australia'. As some of you may know, in the middle of Australia there is this huge fricking rock called 'Ayers rock' (see picture attatched). If you rearrange the letters of ayers and add a few letters more, what word do you get? Thats right: Aryan.

So, what do you guys think? Are there nazis hiding in this rock? Who is willing to come with me on expedition to hunt them down?

'Don't be bored at home, but at school. Because for every 60 seconds in which you are bored, you have a minute less to enjoy yourself.'
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