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Thane of Cawdor
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Lucky Star original DVDs making your DVD player vibrate?

I guess I never officially asked this, so I shall. I own the first 6 DVDs of Lucky Star, bought em separately, regular retail releases, paid a lot for em one by one. If you look on the back, there is a watermark. Its not radially symmetrical. So when I put them in my DVD player, they are not balanced, and the DVD player actually vibrates. By that I mean the physical DVD console unit actually shakes fast enough to make a buzzing sound. I tried playing them in a PS2 (bolted upright) and this was not the case. I know standalone DVD players are rare nowadays as any PC, laptop or game console made after 2004 plays them, but has anyone ever had this problem? I believe it was a basic copyright protection Bandai put on it to stop copying (or just reduce/slow it) but I've not to this date seen the shiny side of a CD/DVD/HDDVD/Bluray that doesn't look like perfect concentric circles. This looks like someone smushed some clay into a squiggle that happens to be sort of round, but not really.
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