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Originally Posted by Electric Moon View Post
They are, on the Japanese Wikipedia page for the L*S characters ~nyaa-nyaa:
The Japanese ur awesome.
I am a fan of the dub. It was the dub that introduced me to Lucky Star, and is great. Just to let you members know this beforehand.
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No profiles of the other Hiiragis? (Tadao,Miki,Inori,Matsuri)
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Originally Posted by leniman View Post
No profiles of the other Hiiragis? (Tadao,Miki,Inori,Matsuri)
Whoops, forgot to include that one. Thanks for reminding me! It should be up there now.
Originally Posted by Shiraishi-kun
*sigh* You see why I'm so lonely? I just want to love and be loved.
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Spoiler: show
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Check out the my series of touhou and non-touhou arrangements
For example, my 40 minute touhou medley
Or perhaps, Some Of my Jazz Arrangements

Just going to make it clear so no one dies. NO ONE touches Remilia or Misaka. They are freaking mine. Get lost.
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Gah! Go back here you coward! XD least just translate the unfamiliar character sheets...plssssssssssss!
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So these links don't work all these years later, though I remember the pics and loved them. Has anyone found these pictures recently? I would be forever in your debt.
Been in hyper-sleep for roughly five years. Still thawing out.
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