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By the way, according to the anime, Konata is following Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu on tv- This puts the first half of the series in 2006 ---> that is, if we want to take when the series was aired in order to consider a timeline of Lucky Star, the main characters could be assumed to be born in 1989, making all 4 of them 28 years old by now. However, the manga was first published on December 10th 2003 in the January number of Shonen Magazine; it started in the last stages of the first year of high school, with St. Valentine's Day right in the 3rd chapter. Likely the 4 girls could be assumed to be born at max in 1987.

(however this is just speculation as actually no dates are ever told in order to make "ageless" the characters, so they are always current)

Whatever it is, happy birthday.
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TV Tropes: Comic Book Time

That is actually something I hope to avoid with Starbound, by having the year set as "200X" (a reference to 199X in Earthbound). (Admittedly, I did make a reference to Puella Magi Madoka Magica in the side-story Birthday of Destiny, just as a little joke, but that was still from just barely out of the decade.)
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