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Been a while since I've posted in here, sooo...

Since I last posted in here, I've drastically changed my output online. I'm largely a podcaster now, acting as co-host for two different podcasts: Otaku Midnight with Kyuubethe3rd and Baka Gaijin Show with ZekeFreek.

First, this is the Otaku Midnight episode dedicated to School Live!, produced last year.

(We'll be doing an episode based around Oreimo later this year)

Second, this is Baka Gaijin Show's Gravity Falls retrospective. Also features my sister.
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^ that's the spirit, disregard profit, acquire anime :D
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Ooo nice!
I am a fan of the dub. It was the dub that introduced me to Lucky Star, and is great. Just to let you members know this beforehand.
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Old 05-18-2018, 05:08 PM   #253
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Looks like people finally found this video because it's now getting a lot of views. It's a video of me getting the max score in FPS Pacman. I still can't believe Namco never made a first person Pacman like this and someone did it before them.

Can't stop listening to White Album.
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My YouTube channel:

I've been making the worst youtube videos since 2012.

This is my first uploaded video:

- many years later -

And sometimes I make some crappy "tutorials" like this one from 6 months ago:

And 1 month ago I made this great AMV on a 20 years old Intel Celeron 333MHz PC with Windows Movie Maker 1.0:

And my newest (public) video:

And my newest non-public video:
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