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Batman Forever

I wish the new DC movies would take inspiration from these ones, they're so much fun
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War for the Planet of the Apes.

Was pretty dark even by the standards of the previous installment in the trilogy, but it was still a spectacular film. 9/10.

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Originally Posted by Shiraishi-kun View Post
Beauty and the Beast remake

I really, really, really didn't like this one. I'm generally receptive to Disney's attempts to remake their old movies, but in this case, it just did not work. Most of what I liked in it were leftovers from the animated film, and there were maybe one or two changes I genuinely liked. Otherwise, the rest of the changes just served to complicate or undermine aspects of the original story and characters, and the execution of the remaining content from the original ranges from decent to frustratingly inept. The new songs are also unforgivably underwhelming, with Beast's big new number in particular being very indistinct despite its attempts at being grandiose.
I keep mulling over this film in my head, and the more and more I think it through, the more and more I hate it. The remake is a film that straight up has no reason to exist. It's just a longer, less impressive, more convoluted version of the cartoon, so at that point you might as well just watch the animated version again and save yourself the extra 45 minutes the remake pisses away with meaningless crap.
Originally Posted by sheepgoesmeep View Post
^ that's the spirit, disregard profit, acquire anime :D
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