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Chances are if you've caught any trailers for Mafia City H5

"The thing with Facebook is I've got my friends from high school, college, grad school, previous jobs, people around the industry, relatives, distant relatives, and so on," he explained.

Here the mechanic of virtual goods plays a part, because they help to build a link between the Mafia Gangster Game player and their friends, using the game as an interface.

"Why do people pay for virtual goods?" he asked. "They're made of nothing... but we make the link between virtual goods and real social relationships. If you don't understand that you're not going to succeed in mafia games."

But most importantly is the method of iterating the game's design through the analysis of a user's actions, as metric-driven.

Reynolds explained that there was no rule that said every player of a Mafia City game had to have the same experience, and that the company regularly split off certain sections of the player base to try out new features.
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