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[FanFIC] - New KxT, and ongoing KxK

A new Kagami X Tsukasa fan fic has just been started by a good author on -

For anyone who likes twincest :) Though going by his other story it will be long and I doubt they will hook up soon. The characters all seem well written, and its funny too!

I'm sure a Konata who wasn't in love with Kagami would approve! (Being a pervy little otaku lol). Its a shame there isn't more of this pairing- there was only one other good KxT fic out there but it seems to have gone so I thought I'd share news of this one in case there were other fans.

And If you are more inclined to the more regular KxK fics, the same author has an ongoing and VERY long story (mixes in a bit of dbz stuff to lucky star) that is also very good!
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Largest Lucky Star Story!

Thank you so much for the compliment! And the recommendation! However, there is one other author currently writing KxT! An author named FarnesyFudge writes happy little drabbles that just make you feel good. Now, he doesn't have a story that's a dedicated KxT story, but he also has some drabbles with the other sisters and one with Miki if I remember correctly!
I hope you continue to read and enjoy!
I had never thought about it as a Lucky Star mixed with Dragon Ball Z story... I'm gonna have to remember that, that's not a bad description...
Thank you again for the compliment!
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