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Uncommon Ground

Spoiler: show

My mom took me to some antique shops in my life. I was bored out of my skull.
Woah is that a statue of Sweetie Belle??
Does Equestria have only 1 coast? I gotta look at the map again. Maybe its like when people refer to Manhattan as "the city".
I can see where this plot is going, but it's the characters that keeps me entertains. Seems Sunburst has more in common with Twilight than his own host, and childhood friend!
Dragon Pit?! :D Sounds cool.
Well now it's Twilight's turn to do something she's into!
lol Sunburst is naked under there.
Haha Trixie's randomly behind the tree! …. something tells me she would join them on their day.
Sunburst x Trixie? I don't know if I ship it or not, but I'll have to watch more to see if I do.
Hahaha Trixie had ALL the cups filled with balls instead of one.
Oh that's that youth pool from Too Many Pinkie Pies! CONTINUITY!
Awww and Starlight just leaves. :( Poor thing.
…… ooooh boy… what is this spell doing? ….
Oh wow it takes them back to their own memories! … and changes them into children again so they can relive their childhood moments!
It's bad to always stick with the past though.
Shit now she's breaking! ;_;
Maud is the best at comedy and you know it!
…. a … LIFE-SIZE DRAGON PIT! … couldn't you use your magic to make those dragon outfits instead of crafting them by hoof?
That's actually really nice of him.
Cliffhanger! What is the deal with that book? Next week is the two-part season finale! And yes I already know what it's about. But I'll see watch it!
I am a fan of the dub. It was the dub that introduced me to Lucky Star, and is great. Just to let you members know this beforehand.
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Kid Charlemagne
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Happy Halloween from both Fluttershys.

Spoiler: show
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Happy Nightmare Night everypony!

Shadow Play Part I

Spoiler: show

… ugh. Here come the comic tie-ins that I know nothing about.
Aaaaaaaaaand already 30 seconds in I can tell how this is going to end. -_- Why do they keep giving away the story in the first minute!? Is this coming from the comics?? I really wish, since Starswirl's been referenced in the show since Season 2, that all this was foreshadowed seasons ago!
"Old Ponish". :D
Did Pinkie just say "let's go eat some socks"???
3 days!?!?
Starswirl!! In the spirit-flesh! Oh see the holograms are inspired by the ones in Star Wars.
So Limbo exists in Equestria? Is this show Catholic? Well we know it has angelic elements anyway…
Indiana Pony!
So….. Applejack and Rarity just did enormously amazing feats to help others, so they're pretty much just like the 6 Pillars? I bet they'll be legends just like them one day!
Throwing a rock onto a dragon's tail! FRIENDSHIP!
Daring Do! :O
Pinkie got a piece of swamp seaweed??
What?? Oh no!! They done goofed!!! :O


Shadow Play Part II

Spoiler: show

Can I just add that I love whoever's doing Starswirl's voice?
This isn't the first time Twilight didn't think carefully due to her tunnel vision on achieving one goal.
He still only considers them as "six" when in fact there are at least 14 of them now. They could use that to their advantage.
Nice world-building!
Awww. Twi's idol hates her.
Will this be the end of the Tree of Friendship??
Sea-pony reference! :D
uuuuh a lot of information…
Starswirl's kind of a horse-ass.
Starlight eyebrow-raise.
lol Twi's squeeing over sempei noticing her!!
Ugly monster seahorses that fly in the sky apparently. Oh those are Sirens! So much continuity!
"uuuummmmmmm HOW do we use them?" :D
Aand Stigion is forgiven and all is well. I admit that's a cool name for a fantasy character!
I bet Stigion is Stawswirl's son? They look like relatives.
Now I wanna see the OG Princess' backstory in an episode.
I am a fan of the dub. It was the dub that introduced me to Lucky Star, and is great. Just to let you members know this beforehand.
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