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Old 01-20-2016, 02:30 PM   #1
Beyond Birthday
The Cleaner
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Sell & Buy

As requested here's a thread for announcements if you have something to sell, on ebay or wherever.
Keep it clean, I think everyone can use a bit of common sense to know what kind of sale advertisements it is okay to post here.

Selling and buying at your own risk.

"One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production.
I'm too weird to live, and too rare to die."

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Die strijders in het veld
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selling eternal friendship for the small price of a million euros
'Don't be bored at home, but at school. Because for every 60 seconds in which you are bored, you have a minute less to enjoy yourself.'
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Old 04-23-2017, 01:50 AM   #3
Kid Charlemagne
Meri Kurisumasu!
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Actually, I'm not selling anything; I'm just posting here to knock that Madoka-damned spammer off the top of the "General" section of the homepage.
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Old 05-20-2017, 05:12 AM   #4
Niko Jims
Posting Freak
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I'm selling a Starlight Stage account for 150$

Includes 3 limited SSR's: Akane, Kanade, and Shiki, and a total of 13 SSR's.
Spoiler: show

Also selling a Kantai Collection account for 50$, has a decent shipyard, nothing super special but it can clear Hard events and has 2(?) dock expansions. Can give more info if you're interested.

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Old 06-07-2018, 04:57 PM   #5
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Location : Scotland, Earth
I'm selling the Kagami Hiiragi Hatsune Miku cosplay nendoroid from the Lucky Star OVA. Worldwide shipping yo

For you guys, I'd happily end the listing early to make sure you get it if you want it.

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