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[FANFIC] Starbound, in Japanese (and a Kickstarter campaign)

A fellow user I have made friends with, davidandreis, had recently filled me in on his intentions to go to Japan in January to see Lucky Star creator Kagami Yoshimizu and become a manga assistant to him. He had also given me permission to come with him in order to obtain legal permission to create a video game adaptation of my fanfic Starbound (which will be known as Lucky Star: Day of the Beehive).

With that on mind, I have already begun to commission for a Japanese translation of Starbound, and the first chapter is already live on FanFiction:

Right now, though, I have just returned from an expensive trip to my brother's apartment in Boston, and am expecting to go back with him again in a few weeks after he and our sister pay me a visit for a few days. Until then, I really need to pinch my pennies and limit most of my business.

For that reason, expecting to get things ready sooner than I just managed, I have already started a Kickstarter campaign last week for a Japanese translation of Starbound, which to show Yoshimizu in case he'd be interested when David and I go to see him. Even though the description says only for the next chapter, I had actually managed after launching the campaign to find someone willing to translate for much cheaper than my original freelancer, so the one campaign should be able to cover for the entire story and even some related stuff. Anyone who is interested in pledging money can receive an outline of my plans for the story's future and/or a file describing the planned game mechanics for Day of the Beehive.

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