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Surf And/Or Turf

Didn't have time to make a reaction list. But overall this ep was meh. Not a whole lot of notable things happened.

Horse Play

Spoiler: show

Hello, every-ONES.
Oooooh. 1,111 years.
Fangirl Celestia is the ruler we need. … maybe not the ACTOR we need though.
This will end with Twi being exiled from Equestria for making a public fool out of Celestia. :D
Pinkie's a tad obsessive with memories and numbers.
Haha Big Bertha.
Guys, Twi KNOWS Celestia from being a student and then a cohort! She should just assure them not to worry and not try to impress her so much.
Once upon a time, BC (before Celestia).
Oh hey the students are taking part in the play too!
Yeah they're going this direction with the story…
Now she sounds like Luna!
"Let's LIE!" :D THAT'S certainly not grounds for royal punishment.
...dammit, Dash.
Good idea. A crash course is beneficial as long as you know what you're teaching and it doesn't last too long… I should shut up.
:D Deadpan Twi is the Twi we need.
Wow Spike just insulted On Stage in front of his face.
Twi is becoming Lesson Zero Twi!
eeergh. Cringey.
Yes!! The Celestia is right! Twi is forgetting a bunch of her old lessons, and this time the show KNOWS it.
Kiss and make up! And now, MAKE UP!
Good thing we painted these giant cloud props!
Oh NOW Celestia thinks she can be an acting coach!
Um hecklers? It sounds like the ENTIRE CROWD are hecklers.
Of course! Get THE REAL sun!
… wait what? "Devote my time to the theater!" … oh it was a joke. She CAN act.
K can we just applaud Nicole Oliver for being such a great actor!? This ep was the funniest in the season so far!


The Parent Map

Spoiler: show

Ponies pay in carrots? Is that the currency in Crystal Empire?
It's our favorite wizard nerd!
…he's BEING CALLED BY THE CUTIE MAP!! :O "Why am I yelling!?" :D I love him.
"You've been on one, Spike." CONTINUITY!
Starlight's been called too! Besties on the same mission … for… some reason…
lol he almost cried when being rejected.
I hate parent meets.
Woah. Sire's Hollow sure changed since they moved out!
Uh oh. Villain in-coming. Pit? …. THAT'S HER FATHER?!!!?!? This is gonna be really awkward.
… for some reason I don't remember Starlight and Sunburst being siblings. R they cousins?
It's also gonna be awkward when Starlight shares her days of oppressive dictatorship over dinner.
lol that bread scene was great.
"This watch I don't have says it's time to get going into the sunset!"
Starlight's room-- OH GOD!!! :O *shaking* Never again…
… I'm starting to understand why they weren't at all looking forward to going home.
The bread seller is actually the friendliest pony IN this place.
So many "ugh"s!
"Why don't I START one??" Oh you have been waaaay ahead of that, honey.
Yeah a war! Starlight has A LOT of experience with that!
I'm getting tired of these Cutie Map plots. They're even more predictable than the standard children's series ending.
So I suppose turning their home into a gentrified tourist trap isn't going to be an issue, is it?
Okay episode.
I am a fan of the dub. It was the dub that introduced me to Lucky Star, and is great. Just to let you members know this beforehand.

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Part two of my friend's Economics in My Little Pony series just came out and It's pretty interesting.
I don't remember if I ever shared part one but here they both are

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Non-Compete Clause

Spoiler: show

How many episodes of this season will focus on their teaching duties at the school?
lol it's natural that Fluttershy would always win the Teacher of the Month award.
This is another Ashleigh Ball talking to herself episode!
Methinks Applejack and Dash's UN-friendliness will be a detriment to them TEACHING friendship.
"Whaddya smell?" "…. Teach, we're surrounded by horses."
Since they have competition going on, maybe they can teach them about good sportsmanship and healthy competition? …. Nah.
Dammit Rainbow Dash.
Personally I find Dash's lessons a lot more fun and beneficial.
Inb4 they get stuck floating down a waterfall.
Nope. Just rocks. They do crash though.
…. oh yeah those two can change into water ponies/changlings.
Inevitable teaching arguments.
lol they become so experienced with learning friendships, they can FAKE a reconciliation.
… in fact, haven't they been through enough to learn by now that they're being immature??
I am warming up to these 6 student characters.
How long does it take to build a bridge?? I suspect it takes way longer than like a few hours!
Well that's ONE way to learn about teamwork… by having your teachers act like stupid jerks.
That is a great transformation!
Nice backgrounds in this last scene.


The Break Up Break Down

Spoiler: show

Finally a new Discord episode! Also looks like we're getting another Guys Day Out episode too! I hope this doesn't mean all Discord episodes from here out will only be spent with the guys though.
Also I hope this ep isn't just about pie.
Happy Hearts And Hooves Day again, apparently.
Nice to see Big Mac's romance sticks to canon.
Softie? Does he look like a dessert to you?
CMC, you can hook up with yourselves! A cute little threesome!
… oh okay I think I know where this episode is going.
Spike, I thought you would've gotten OVER your crush on Rarity by now! Wasn't that resolved??
"Love is about spying in the bushes." Hahahaha!
Spike has the right idea that it's a misunderstanding, but he's totally off. …. and should probably stop talking.
Aww Discord is so thoughtful. …. of course it's just to play a game though.
Look! They went to the stable before the party! Maybe the can surprise Belle with this and make up!
Do NOT listen to your bad thoughts, Mac!
Uh oh.
He's right. Words DO hurt, but that means you gotta be careful with them.
Nope no song.
… well HE definitely made things worse.
… YES! Use the right words! This is the lesson.
I wanna hear Mac talk more. I hope this is a regular thing.
So what was Discord's bright idea? …..OOOOOooooh. ;) You slyyyyyyyyy softie.


Molt Down

Spoiler: show

… really? Spike still hasn't gotten over his crush on Rarity!? It's this just the same episode from like 4 seasons ago!? It's now official. The writers do not at all care about character continuity and this whole show is failing in quality. I am this close to dropping it. But those shedding scars look disgusting.

I am a fan of the dub. It was the dub that introduced me to Lucky Star, and is great. Just to let you members know this beforehand.
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Kid Charlemagne
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Thank You to all the men and women who served our country, and especially those who died in the process, or as a later result.

What does this have to do with MLP?
Spoiler: show

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Marks For Effort

Spoiler: show

A cupcake class where you eat cupcakes!? I WANNA GO TO THAT CLASS!
Oh see? There ARE more than just 6 students! I wonder why they appear to infrequently.
Yeah why DON'T the CMC go there? ….. probably because they have their hands full with their own school, the clubhouse, helping others in need, and they… pretty much learned all about friendship already! What else is there for them to learn in a second, uncredited school??! Does this mean they cross-enlist? SO many continuity questions!
Oh. An ep that takes place entirely during class!
"We wanna go to your school." Yeah you gotta officially apply. You can't just up and crash homeroom.
"You already know about helping others in need." THAT'S JUST WHAT I SAID PRETTY MUCH WORD FOR WORD!
Oh god really? They're FAKING being unfriendly? This is what the episode is about?? Uuuuuuuugh.
lol Repeaty-bell.
So wait. Rarity has to tend to her fashion business, AND teach at the school, AND spend time with her sister, AND manage her own boutique in Ponyville?? Is this woman actually three ponies??
"They usually go together like a-wop-dop-a-doo-wop and shigatty-bingy-boom."
lol "Crying always works for Rarity!"
What's the matter, Little Bo Peep?
Not sure helping Swirly Temple here will get you into the school. I mean isn't this just what you ALWAYS do as the CMC? What will it prove different?
Is her Cutie Mark a … chess piece? Or a castle tower? I wonder what that means. She can possibly use her recognized trait to help her with school?
Failed?? NOOOO!
"I'd like to see you in my office!" … Twilight, why r you treating the CMC like they're actual students?
… she wrote wrong answers? How?? That's not what they taught her at all!
… unless she's EVIL.
OOOOooooooooh. … that's quite the misguidely evil plan. Yeeees. Yeeessss all according to plaaan.
"I seee." Sip.
Okay this ending is bull honkey! Diplomas out of kindness?? Graduates when they haven't even attended??
Yeah…. I think this is one of the lower-than-average episodes. Poorly written, confusing twists.


The Mean 6

Spoiler: show

Crystalis returns to seek revenge on Starlight. After reading that sentence, and knowing what the title is, you can correctly guess not only how she tries to go about it, but how the episode ends. This is the kind of plot we already saw in Discord's first episode, and while these evil incarnations of the Mane 6 are supposed to be new character, they're carbon copies of the versions Discord made all the way in Season 2. The writing felt very obvious and the pacing was kind of dull. The climax was rushed to the point where it took under a minute for everything to wrap up, there wasn't even any battle! Not one of Crystalis' best moments. She didn't even face Starlight, the pony that led her own ragtag team to defeat her! And I thought the Tree of Harmony was done for! Ugh whatever. This season hasn't been doing very well so far.
I am a fan of the dub. It was the dub that introduced me to Lucky Star, and is great. Just to let you members know this beforehand.

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Happy Independence Day, everypony!

Spoiler: show

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They do not have a Independence Day equivalent soooooo.... we can settle for... the day Equestria was founded?

Spoiler: show



MLP returns with new episodes August 4th.

Also, Netflix is going to take down the show from their library soon, which hurts like hell.
I am a fan of the dub. It was the dub that introduced me to Lucky Star, and is great. Just to let you members know this beforehand.

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