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RE: LSF's Final Days

Originally Posted by Misao
Originally Posted by 7h3d4rkw0lf
LOL, not alot of people like lucky star, sadly enough (at least in America)

In japan it was as big as haruhi :P
Sometimes I think the Japanese has so much of these kinds of shows, they've gone insane. :D I just can't understand why Americans can't make cartoons like these. My best guess is that we don't consider animation as a real art form, or don't realize they could be a media draw.
I'm going to make cartoons like those when I grow up, nyaa-nyaa!!

Though I'm not American... But it's basically the same thing here in Canada--animation isn't considered a real art form.
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RE: LSF's Final Days

it's not? D:
but-but, i like animation... and animating!
Interesting comment you said there.
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RE: LSF's Final Days

[size=x-small]I'm gonna lock up this thread before we get more off-topic posts~ Should an admin choose to open it up again is fine, but until then...

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