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Concerning NSFW content

After discussing it with the other mods and Laturi, we decided that we do not want to create a new section specifically for NSFW content.

If a thread discusses stuff that are not safe for work/school/parents then it should be marked as such with a NSFW tag in the title. If the discussion starts out as "clean", but changes direction later we want the thread starter to edit the title to include it. If the thread starter fail to do this, the mods or admin will do it for them and the user will get a warning.

Pornographic and other NSFW images should be marked with the [NSFW] tag, and they can not be put in [IMG] tags. Again, failure to do this will get the user a warning.

Hopefully this will make the forum experience a little more pleasant for everyone.

Thank you,
Rhea and the LSSF staff

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Thank you! This is the exact outcome I wanted from this issue.
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Understood. Thanks for the time/consideration

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and for the people out there who need to get it out, I even made an entire thread in the chatterbox to unleash your inner perv

Also Rhea, I'm guessing that seeing the entire thread title is "NSFW Thread" I'm assuming that's more than enough of a tag lol
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Sounds good to me. I don't mind NSFW content, but we don't want to get anyone in trouble, eh?

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