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Night Owl
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I live in Italy, and people here only watch ToraDora, Pokèmon and Death Note. Pratically no one has ever seen Lucky Star. I watch anime dubbed and subbed. Mostly subtitles because I don't think american voice actresses play moe voices very well.
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Southern France here, had to order the books in english from Canada. I also had to watch the anime with english subtitles.

As for Anime in general, you can only find One piece, Bleach and Naruto on some teen orianted tv chanels. So you have to look for translation teams for other animes. (Which isn't that big of a deal for me, considering the french dub teams are so horrible.)
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Kotana Fan
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Never thought about there are people from so many countries like Lucky Star!
Netherland, America, Italy, France… Will there be some Japanese in this BBS? Come up!
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