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How also did the companies screwed the anime??
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I was talking about how they handle anime in general at the time, I believe that as the factor of why it wasn't more popular in North America, see? I'm not sure what to hope for this year, but I figure that being the show ten years, there might be some regaining interest about it, I would expect about a fair number of fun Lucky Star videos on the YouTube, I'm curious, how exactly do you heard about new OVA?
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Mangaka Assistant
I'm a member of the directive at Romics...i work there as an ideas planificator (every new thing that gets used there is decided by me)and as a journalist (well a kind of one)so i got in advance that info but we didn't released the information due to it being uncertain plus if they say it will succed the ova will be oficially announced.Now you know how i got that.
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