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Maplestory 2 The Marvel Machine is Back

I am attempting to be sure this isn't on a error on my part, but if you decline the box, does this close it off completely or permit you to recover Maplestory 2 Mesos on a different character? I don't remember seeing a notification in my display for the box today. I'd was on a single character online past the midnight reset, but once I re-logged I did not get a instant.

If you pressed the"Delete" button at the Reward Window instead of"Accept", sadly this means you won't have the ability to get the gift box because you deleted it from the Reward Window.

I had this happened to me once on a different Hot Day present when I chose"Delete". . Either way, pressing"Decline" or"Delete" would remove the gift from the Reward Window.

If you did not want to get the gift box on a specific character that you logged into, you can just press the"ESC" button or just close the window (by pressing X on the top right) to get rid of the Bonus Window. Then, you'd have the ability to maintain the gift on another personality.

Has much changed in regards to how you assist your character grow stronger, or is your sport still mostly pay2win. I enjoy bossing nevertheless will NEVER be able to do many of those directors as spending endless hours merchanting to boredom or spending hundreds of bucks on NX doesn't appeal to me. Just wondering if the cover to acquire aspect has shifted any.also; is Demon Slayer a good class still?

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