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Rules [Read them!]


Posting: Please only make posts that are relevant to the discussion in the thread. If you notice that the conversation is going in a different direction, simply create a new thread and continue there. Refrain from unnesessary, one-word post and spamming. That's what the Chatterbox & Forum games section is for (just don't go too overboard)! Also, avoid double posting. If there is something else you want to add to your post, use the edit button.

Members: Be polite towards each other. Even if you don't agree with each other, you should debate it in a proper manner. Users should only have one account.
Remember that harrassment of other members will not be tolerated!

Maximum width: 550px.
Maximum height: 260px.

Images: If you post images that are larger than 800px X 600px you must link to the image, or place it under spoiler tags. If you want to post NSFW (Not Safe For Work, adult or violent) images, you must also link and include a warning (NSFW tags). This also includes posting several images in a row that are smaller than 800px X 600 px if they are larger than 800x600 combined.

Staff: The staff is here for a reason. If you see anyone going against the rules, trolling or things like that, don't take the matters into your own hands. Please report the post (Yui button), or contact a mod or admin, and we will take care of it.

Spoiler: show

Thread Necromancy: If the thread is a useful, or necessary thread, such as the 'Going Away/Coming Back thread, or, for example, a thread about an anime which new material has been released, this is allowed. It is also allowed if the post brings something important to the topic. Otherwise this should be avoided if the thread is more than a month old.

Users' Albums: NSFW images are allowed, but not as an album cover. Albums with NSFW images must have a warning in the title.

NSFW: Must be clearly labeled and, if possible, linked to rather than posted directly (explicit images must be linked). Images containing kissing, blushing, saliva, drinking and panties are allowed. Generally you can use your own discretion when it comes to NSFW.

Shoutbox Rules:
NO Flaming
NO Spamming
NO Swearing
NO Linking to NSFW material
ONLY English
Monologues count as spamming, so don't do it.
Spoiler: show

And remember to check this thread regularly, as rules may be added or updated.

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