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Spring 2018 Anime

Spring is around the corner, meaning it's time for another season of anime.

Quite frankly, this season looks positively ridiculous. There are an absolute ton of shows airing this season that remake or follow up on major series or franchises. The ones I'll be at least checking out are...

Captain Tsubasa
Cutie Honey Universe
Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory
Gundam Build Divers
Lupin III: Part V
Persona 5: The Animation
GeGeGe no Kitaro
Layton's Mystery Journey
Mahou Shoujo Ore
Souten no Ken: REGENESIS

...and assuming I can fully catch up on My Hero Academia and Food Wars in time, that'll be a grand total of 12 series I'll be giving a look. I normally cap my weekly shows at six series, this is crazy.
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^ that's the spirit, disregard profit, acquire anime :D
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