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The Hidden Rock
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The whole lack of playable Moriyas was really strange, what with the theme and all. Perhaps there will be a content patch in the future?

I've finished most everything I can:
Spoiler: show
-Byakuren was really hard to use at first. She's a bit too melee oriented for my tastes.
-Futo was surprisingly fun. There's something about tossing plates everywhere and ricocheting fireballs off of them that's just awesome.
-On my first clear run with Nitori, the final boss had a tiny sliver of HP left when i got guard-broken; dying. Unless you align towards Taoism, you cannot fire forward, and even then, your shots are weak. Her melee is really strong, but all of her other attacks fire at strange angles; her speed is nice though.
-Koishi wasn't nearly as horrible as I thought she'd be. It's weird that the game decides when to use certain attacks after you've input a command.
-Mamizou is hilarious to play as. That is all.
-Hata no Kokoro seems to be unfinished(to play as). I've unlocked her story mode, which you can play through, but she has nothing in any of her button-combo slots, and you can't add things.

The music is awesome; especially the credits.

It also appears as if certain attacks from Koishi cause crashes, the final dialog screen can cause a crash if you're not running on Japanese locale, and apparently Mamizou's Last Word causes a crash (all with the bugfix patch on the Tasofro website).

All in all, fun game is pretty fun.
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No longer Lonely European
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Any news on when the translation is done?
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The Hidden Rock
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People have been translating bits and pieces of things and putting them on the wiki, but there's no news on a patch yet.
Apparently the way that Tasofro makes their games makes it very difficult to get patches working. There's also their stylistic choice of vertical text that makes formatting for western languages difficult too.

I really do hope one gets made.
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