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Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
In my mind I can imagine killing someone with a knife, I've done it in a video game. But I didn't do it in real life. Ya know why? Cause in your mind no one actually dies.
This segment is a complete non-sequitur. Just pointing that out.

Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
There's a difference between attempting and executing something, that's why there's different jailtimes for murder and attempted murder. You are aware of the difference aren't you? One has a dead person, one doesn't? You seeing that imaginary and reality are two different words?
That wasn't the point I am making and I even identify that "attempted rape" and "rape" are different.

My case is that both are gravely serious crimes. That is, the action of attempted rape is serious enough to be considered worth investigating.

Remember, Weinstein was primarily accused of something less (primarily of the "sexual abuse" category). In fact, he has still categorically denied any accusation of rape (seemingly admitting the sexual abuse by omission).

As another reference point: the accusations against Kavanaugh are similar to those by Anthony Rapp made against Kevin Spacey (that is, an attempted sexual encounter by an extremely drunk individual with an unwilling party). And keep in mind, Spacey's career got torpedoed by the allegations.

Your posting so far does not acknowledge that attempted rape is itself serious.

Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
wanna know why pot should be illegalized, watch a few episodes of cops.
Watch highly stylized, highly edited footage of reality TV? I'll pass as reality TV is known for editing context and having a camera shoved in your face radically alters how people react.

Side note: The producer of Cops has even admitted to modifying stories to enforce a three act structure ("action", "emotion", and "thought").

I think the better answer is to ask real cops what their issue is in an open setting. The consensus for Canadian police has been that, aside from the lack of strongly reliable measurement techniques for niche situations (eg - military), there aren't many.

(Background for that "techniques" point - due to limitations in techniques, a 28 day ban is required before use of "precision equipment" in the military as no reliable testing can ensure that every single chemical is gone before that point)

Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
I recently learned that in the wonderful world of anime, most people are liberal.
Anime has a weird demographic range.

A simple study suggested a tie to "right wing" views and "moe otaku" who post online (that is, those who enjoy moe anime):

There are also massive suggestions online about many in the "alt right" community (which, if you go by outside views, is common looked at as "right wing plus white supremacists") and "weaboo" status. In fact, this topic gained a bit of traction not too long ago as there was a trend of people slapping MAGA hats on anime characters ( ) as the "alt right" were almost universally associated with Trump support.

That said, the online community tends to be much more balanced than that. In fact, I would argue that the anime community is pretty much politically representative of any big population.

That is, "anime fans" have similar political alignment as "any random group of people". Except there's a group which loves to meme hard and they also happen to be gaining attention due to the memes being "alt right".

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