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The dude wasnt accused of rape, he was accused of at best tryin to cop a feel, holy crap. I didnt say do nothing, but you've got to stop blaming everyone else all the time. No one is perfect, that doesn't mean give up completely.

and you damn potheads and your excuses, youre doing the same thing you accuse me up. "well pot isnt as bad as crack". thats the same crap as saying "rape isnt as bad as disembowelment or horse-quartering." just another excuse cause they wanna smoke pot. And yeah I'm sick as crap of these states overiding the federal government and going slack on drugs, I hope Trump get's serious and tells states like Colorado NO, you potheads go find SOME hobby rather than getting high all day. I am sick of these excuses, first and foremost of potheads who lead with "but alcohol is more bad." thats like politicians who lead with the debate "this coming from the guy who dot dot dot." by attacking the person's character calling them imperfect as we all are, thats by whining debaters who suck at defending their point and go right for the "well since you arent perfect either lets all give up." If potheads REALLY thought it was a smart idea they'd try to start off with why pot ISNT so bad...and its drugs, don't run off your statistics of how other shit is worse, you're still a pothead and they're only wanting cannibus oil legal for one step closer to smokin pot. Go get a job, get a hobby, shut up you whining druggies or get out of my country. If canada wants to take all the potheads, go ahead, make sure the fan's are pointing towards you, I don't wanna smell your pot smoke.
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