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First off, you need to research more, and secondly, um, where do you get 19 percent?? That' a wierd guess. Like you know something I don't. You're not planning something, are you?

And of course the FBI investigation was a joke, it was Trump's way of like waving it off. Remember that this was not an actual trial cause the woman has no proof, it was all just a political play, no more. The politicians don't give a crap about him or her, its the dems vs the republicans again, it was finger pointing, this should have never been a story, someone waited 36 years whos actually a doctor, a psychologist who is paranoid and just now bitches about how she's afraid. If she's telling the truth, its her fault for waiting this long. And if the dude was 17 and pressed up on some girl both drunk at a party, given how things were back then, ground him for a week and let him be judge and be done with it. I for one was suspicious of that woman, and given the super weak story and lack of glad he got in and I hope it puts an end to this witchhunt without proof crap once and for all. Its pushin the pendulum too far as it always is. Just stop interrupting my TV shows with 'breaking news' of bullshit that can wait. Nothing that can't wait till the 5 o clock news, or till the next 2 years of trump with more "blah blah russia, hillary's emails, probe this, this guy looked at me its sexual assult, impeach this, kneel for the anthem", leave it for the boring news I don't watch. Now look I'm irritated, this is why watching the news is physially bad for your health.
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