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Originally Posted by Wovenloaf View Post
This is weirdly satisfying, ha. I didn't expect this thread to get so many replies, actually, since the board seemed a little inactive (understandable given the seeming lack of new LS content -- certainly anime -- over the last few years). I'm also glad to know I'm not the only one who has gone as far as listening to the anime. I've had a couple of transitional periods in my life that were a bit lonely, and LS often lingered in the background then, working as kind of a reminder of the ideal of friendship and camaraderie. Maybe that seems strange, but it really helped. :3
That's cool dude, I on the other hand am not a fan of watching things that show "the ideal of ...." when I'm feeling down, I don't know it only makes me feel worse and end up disliking something I used to like because how fake it seemed, glad to know though that it works for ya haha.

And yeah, we are a small community, but current members are rather active ones, so you'll have fun here. Just don't expect much LS talk, this seems to happen rarely :P
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