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Originally Posted by Hiyorin View Post
I've never had a chance to buy volume 6, but for some reason every copy of LS volume 6 was always wrapped up in plastic at my bookstore. Usually they wrap manga in a plastic film if theres inappropriate content in it (if it's X-rated)

Volume 6 was always wrapped up, so does anybody know if there was anything in volume 6 that could explain why? Just curious
Some manga are wrapped and some aren't, depends. For example, here in Brazil Claymore is rated 18+, and like you said it's wrapped in plastic, although, Rurouni Kenshin, which is rated 14+ is too! And there was another manga (if I recall correctly, Bersek), which is 18+ wasn't wrapped. Usually the company that publishes the manga in your country send each wrapped or them all wrapped together, it always varies ;).
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