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Thats my only problem. Tarrifs suck, they always do. They hinder a global economy. But I for one am looking forward to the crazy trump. I hope he turns washington upside down, I'm tired of it and so is half the country. I hope he tears up the EPA, removes the NSA and Homeland security and restructures everything. I hope Nafta gets overhauled to actually work and we have direct trade with canada. I hope the entire tax structure gets destroyed and his three tier system works better. Actually I hope for a base plus gradient tax structure, something simple that every american can pay their own taxes because everyone understands it. No NEED for tax companies like h&r block because everyone knows how to pay their own taxes. I hope trump f*cks shit up so to speak. Rip up some of this red tape that's been in existence far too long, seemingly as 'make work' projects for thousands of government jobs we just don't need to pay for. Let the economy grow so we can all make more money so we don't need to have half these systems in the first place. Go raze some hell Trump :)
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