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Originally Posted by Misao View Post
I don't get it.
The frame is an absolute train wreck in terms of quality. In particular, Pixie (far left) and Bicorn (horse looking thing) look like they are out of a fan animation project more than a major production. I mean, goddamn the mouth alone on Bicorn takes any seriousness out of the scene.

It gets even worse when you contrast them against Kamoshida in the back (guy in the robes). Itís about a step or two away from looking like someone photoshopped pieces in.

How that relates to A-1 is that A-1 is well known for making these very basic cost cutting measures during the tight televised animating schedule (while fixing it for Bluray releases). I have never seen it happen to a series Iíve watched.

This was my first experience seeing it.

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