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Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
Well well well tis here, the changing of the guard. I wonder if Trump will say "Mister Obama, you're fired" and do the thing like in the show, hehe.
I honestly hope not. I'm hoping that a serious Trump takes over. The one from his election victory night which seemed, you know, presidential. He's heading in with one of the lowest approval ratings and, if he's serious about trying to reunite the USA, must act in a way which doesn't divide them further.

Trump's first actions must be to show that he's going to lead with his head, not his heart. His heart basically said "We'll get the Carrier deal done" and it basically amounted to an international signal of "Don't you dare leave...or else we'll offer you a huge tax break to stay". Not "we won't tariff you", but full on tax breaks.

And picking fights with the intelligence offices isn't a great plan either. Get down to actual work instead of wasting your time chasing pee stories. Or spending time thinking up some clever tweet about them.

I think if he decides one of his first actions will be to renegotiate NAFTA with both other nations, we're all in trouble. Tariffs as they have been proposed would heavily spike costs of vehicles as Canada/USA have parts swap sides multiple times. Setting up the infrastructure to make vehicles USA pure would be a massive undertaking and could easily hurt these companies. It'd hurt Canada even more but I think cutting your nose just to go from "mostly USA" to "USA pure" in this sort of tariff action is pretty silly and really, really shortsighted.

If he doesn't make it a toned down presidency, it could be a very short 2 years before a voter revolt kicks the Republicans out of House and Senate, making him a lame duck for the 2 years after.

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