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For some strange, strange reason, I never thought I'd hear the words "Trump", "golden shower", and "Russia" in a sentence.

But here we are.

So, latest is that there are leaked documents from briefings for the sitting President (Obama) and upcoming President (Trump). The briefing covers topics such as Trump allegedly having contact with Russia through the course of the election (rejecting obvious bribes) as well as Russia offering Trump inside information on the Democrat National Committee (DNC) after the now acknowledged data stealing from the DNC and Republican National Committee (RNC).

That's bad enough on its own. If absolutely true (something I wouldn't treat this data as right now), this is very dangerous as it suggests that Trump has done all but outright ask Russia for help as he'd be taking in data collected by Russians in a situation where Russia wanted Trump as President.

But also in there is some information specifically stating that Russia has possible blackmail information on Trump. Specifically, and here's where those words come together:

- Russia has video of Trump that the report determines is viable blackmail material, including footage of him in Russia hiring prostitutes (an illegal activity) to have golden showers (urination) shows in front of him.

- Russia has chosen so far to not use their compromising material due to a high level of voluntary cooperation and agreement between Trump and Russia.

- The reports further allege that Putin was not very impressed by the damage that the lack of damage Clinton's e-mails caused.

These seem to be agreed upon as having been briefed to Trump but as of right now are not proven as many sources are Russian and obviously have bias to their allegations.

Way too early to tell if this stuff is real (it sometimes reads like a bad 4chan joke with the pure audacity of some of the actions), but absolutely amazing stuff if true. Wouldn't be the craziest thing 4chan has ever done.

The document provided:

The strangest summary I've read in a while:

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