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*sigh* Does no one else post desktop screencaps any longer?

One month has passed, so I don't think I'm spamming.


I have used four different desktops in the Christmas season. I will post a spoilered pic of the one I am currently using, and links to the other three.

From Strawberry Panic: Santa Chikaru!
Spoiler: show

Meri Kurisumasu from the Azumanga Daioh girls! By AzuGirl89.
Click here.

Alice Margatroid decorates her little tree. From the world of Touhou.
Click here.

The main 4 Lucky Star girls wait up for Santa--but it looks like Bad Santa is coming to town!
Click here.

Imgur links to clean copies of the original pix:

The Azu pic.

The Alice pic.

The LS pic.

The SP pic.

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