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Originally Posted by XxLordxX View Post
...make eps longer (c'mon I wait one week to watch 5 min?!)
But as I said, there's only one volume of the manga out now, and it's only 100-odd pages... The manga has 26 chapters and they're adapting 1 chapter of the manga per week, making it 26 5-minute episodes.

Some say that the show is horribly cruel or distasteful and that the jokes get old. Personally, I feel that the main themes of the show are love, understanding and tolerance. Hikage loves her sister and bears not eating meat so that her sister can enjoy her hobby. Hinata loves her sister and goes out of her way to help and care for her when the time calls for it.

I can't go into greater detail due to potential spoilers, but eventually, much more will be revealed about the characters and we'll see some really funny and heartfelt scenes. Not to mention, we haven't even been introduced to Hikage's classmates yet.

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