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Hey, guys! Been lurking this site for a while now, and I finally decided to join now that we all have something to be excited about again ^_^ !! About to download episode 2 of Miyakawa right now!

That was great XD! Poor Hikage-chan... Will she EVER get to eat meat? Anyway, I thought it was really sweet when Hinata told her that she'd find a way to pay for the field trip. Despite the fact she's a HUGE otaku, I believe she still feels her duty as an "onee-san" comes first.... at least most of the time... And, man, I can already tell the ending theme is awesome! Definitely can't wait to hear more of it! Also, the opening is still a mystery, but since Konata and Kagami are singing it it will be EPIC! Now, to spend the time waiting for episode 3 watching my other anime this season....

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