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Originally Posted by Davidandreis View Post
Hey what about the anti-immigrant law??Seems good on paper but also somewhat silly
Yes. An anti-immigrant law would totally save Canada from a born and raised Canadian.

Immigration bans as an idea barely make sense on paper by sheer numbers. They are even less useful when implemented. This will go double in a world where "lone wolf" attacks not associated with an organization are conducting attacks on you as oppose to a group of obvious people.

If we look at the current situation in the USA, this is more hysteria than actual reasoned thought. The only nations struggling with immigration based terror is Germany who chose an open door policy as oppose to screening. Nations with screening in situations where immigration bans may be worthwhile, such as Canada, have not struggled with immigration based terror. In fact, this is true for the USA too. Almost every attack against US civilians in the past few years have been conducted by US born citizens.

A country with social media and electronic idea sharing gains little by closing its borders.

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