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Originally Posted by Gondolin View Post
What makes this even worse for me, is Khadir being the initial suspect paraded around various news outlets, adding a ton of fuel to the anti-Muslim fire, but in the end Khadir only being a witness.
Absolutely. I was horrified reading the amount of speculation last night. Even worse is that Khadir is really a hero in this situation. He was trying to tend to a victim when the police came in.

You'd think reddit would learn after that amazing screw up that was the Boston bomber. But...I guess not.

The information on the shooter seems to paint a consistent picture. Every interview and every report seems to agree that he's a quiet guy and has never really backed down in a fight. He is staunchly anti-immigration, often calls feminists "feminazis", an online troll, and a Trump supporter.

I will warn that he hasn't given an explanation for his actions yet and police are still working on the case. They formally charged him today with 6 cases of first degree murder (another is listed as dead) and 5 cases of attempted murder. I would assume that they add on a charge for intent later (such as terrorism if it fits) once they determine his intent.

The victims here are pretty sad. One of them was a Laval professor and, from what I can tell, a fairly major individual in the agriculture side of engineering. He had a keynote address in major events as recently as last year.

(Honest question here - can someone explain to me why Spicer, who speaks for the White House, is defending the "Muslim ban" (as it's becoming known) through this? I mean, the logic I have to work through is "Quebecois shoots Muslims. Therefore, ban Muslims." What?)

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