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Thank you!

Just finished another small thing:
Spoiler: show

Though probably not a popular vote among purists, the notion of Kagami being a smoker has always been extremely amusing to me (hence my avatar). I can't say for sure whether I'd endorse such a choice in the official canon, but I do think her personality lends to it well, and it nonetheless proves as an entertaining concept to take to the canvas, so I wanted to draw some sort of scene that introduced the idea.

Coloring is still off-putting to me due to how much longer it takes to finish even small drawings, but it really does make them look SIGNIFICANTLY more finished. Unless I'm just super lazy/impatient one day, I think I'm gonna try to do at least minimal coloring like this in all my drawings going forward. (I say "minimal coloring" because there's almost no shading at all, but nixing that shaved off quite a bit of time, and I figure some color is better than no color.)

Also, this was actually my first-ever attempt at legitimately drawing Konata, and that's probably pretty evident!
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