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Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
Nah. Obama's administration did almost the same crap as watergate and no one cared. That's the issue. As a whole, people yell, but no one really cares.
Not really.

Obama is the first president in a long while to not get everyone to actively hate him or have a major political scandal. As in, probably the first since HW Bush. W Bush got absolutely wrecked by the declining popularity in the Iraq occupation as well as took the brunt of the hate for the collapsing economy (to be fair, the latter wasn't entirely his fault and there's evidence to suggest that he was duped on the former). Clinton had his moment and was only spared impeachment by the Senate. Before that it was Bush and before him was Reagan and his Iran-Contra scandal.

There's a reason he never lost the nickname "no drama Obama" throughout his presidency. He's calm, precise, and never created a major deal. Despite all the controversial stuff he's done (intolerance against information leakers such as Snowden, drone programs and other impersonal attack campaigns, basically giving up on Guantanamo after asking once, getting outmanoeuvred by Russia in the Middle East once), he really didn't have any major event saddled on him. No major political scandal. The dislike came along party lines and it's why he ended 8 years in office on an approval rating comparable to Eisenhower or Reagan.

Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
Remember, that's why they elected him. Cause people were pissed that crap only changes for the worse and there's nothing you can do. So we found an angry man to mess shit up.
There's a line though. Messing stuff up is fine. Breaking the law isn't and there are questions being raised all over as to the legality of Trump's actions be it the power of his Executive Orders (quite a surprise too, mind you - the courts typically side with the President over EOs. So them striking down his travel restrictions, even temporarily, is bold new water) to how he conducted himself as a presidential candidate. Not to mention the conduct of the staff around him which have gotten ethics violations and now a resignation brought about due to possible political undermining.

I get the sentiment of breaking the established bureaucracy. But Trump is still a cog in a machine and he can't break the defined laws everybody's agreed to go by. So far, he's acted with little regard to them and he and his staff have to be routinely told "you can't do that". Any of his "minor" scandals (ex - Conway's conflict of interest) would have been the topic of the year for a Presidency. I can't even remember anything that asinine in all 16 years under Obama and W Bush. But it's not even the story of the week under Trump's story.

It's been 25 days. Even the Canadian media is tiring of having to report every detail (our news anchors, at the 3rd or 4th story, are now sometimes making snarky comments like "And more news from Washington today. That's just how it's been for the last little while"). I mean, I don't blame the news stations for reporting it. It sells. Canadians are more interested in the current chaos in the White House than they are in Trudeau and our own federal politics. Trudeau's broken a major campaign promise (changing our electoral system) and the deficit could be predicted as much higher than his minister originally forecast. But it's all flying under the radar right now because we're all in shock at what's happening south of the border.

Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
The media will report and nothing will happen. Bill Clinton admitted to lying and adultery. Did we remove him? nope.
The House of Representatives did impeach him. The Senate had to confirm it and they acquitted him. So they did try. They tried their hardest but couldn't get the Senate to fall in line. This is why I say it'd require a public and obvious embarrassment (again, like absolute proof that Trump knowingly let the Russian intelligence agencies interfere with the election process, a treasonous offence) and an overwhelming dislike from the populace (25-30% approval) to get him out.

But he's getting there. There's no smoking gun on any of this, but at this point I think we have to ask why he keeps ending up with so many guns and dead bodies lying around him. Why was his campaign so heavily in contact with Alfa Bank? Why were so many high ranking Russian intelligence officials in contact with his campaign? Why did Flynn engage in discussions he wasn't allowed to have? Why is every damn intelligence department in revolt against him? And why the hell was Mike Pence kept in the dark for so long? And, this just being announced as of a few hours ago, why is it even possible that European countries may know more about what's going on in the Executive branch than most of your federal officials?

These are questions that are building and my belief has been that, while not evidence of a fire, the smoke is building and someone should really investigate it. I don't want to see a building burn down a block away.

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